Have you ever thought of your text messages and phone calls as a to do list app. Communication used to be rather simple. If someone called and you weren’t there, you didn’t communicate with them. In 2021, every app has a messenger. Combine that with email, phone calls, voicemail, personal phones, work phones we live in the age of information overload. It’s easy for small (or even big) tasks to get lost in oblivion during the work week. But what if we could take that text we received from a co-worker or client and push it directly to a to do list. Small tasks wouldn’t slip through the cracks. We wouldn’t have to waste time searching for correspondence or trying to remember what we were supposed to get done. Reach introduced bookmarks recently to solve this exact problem.

What is a Bookmark?

A bookmark takes a text thread and compiles your bookmarks into a filtered list. Clicking on your bookmarks tab will filter your text message inbox showing only your bookmarked threads. This helps you keep your tasks organized.

Ex: You’re driving and you receive a text from a client asking you to email the documents you had recently discussed in your last meeting. If you don’t send that email right then, you may forget before you get to a place where you can. Bookmarking that message would send it to a filtered list that can double over as a to list. When you are finished with that task, you can “un” bookmark it and it will no longer be in your task list.

Why use Bookmarks?

Bookmarks makes it easy to remember things that are important. You can use them in your own unique way. I use twitter bookmarks all the time to return to articles I would like to read but don’t have the time in that moment. Bookmarks helps keep you organized. If you are more organized, you will appear more professional to customers. This is good for business. Why not use bookmarks is a better question.

Is there anything else I can do with bookmarks?

This is where it gets interesting. Zapier integrations are coming to Reach soon. With Zapier, you can connect Reach actions to your other applications and vice versa. Ex: If I bookmark a thread, paste the content in my google doc that I share with my assistant. Ex2: If I bookmark a thread, send an email with the content to myself and cc my assistant. The possibilities are endless. Everyone has their own to do list each week. Most of us try to keep it in our brain. Referenced above, we are living in the noisiest age ever. It’s easy to forget. Bookmarks help you stay on top of things.

In closing, if you want to transform your text messages into a to do list (app), use bookmarks.

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