Starting a business can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are many tasks to be done before you get going. This post will focus on what used to be a no brainer decision; open a business, get a business phone/number. Now with smartphones, the easiest option is to just use your personal number and forego the extra expense. I’ll explain why that’s not the best option long term below and using a shared phone number app will help you as you grow your business.

If you use your personal number for your business, you will be on the path to building a job for yourself instead of a business. Want to go on vacation? You can, but you’ll need to keep work turned on. Want to hire an assistant to help with small tasks? You can, but they won’t have access to your phone number. All of these issues can be prevented with a shared number.

What is a shared number?

A shared number works similar to a business social media account. You can give multiple people access to help answer calls, text messages, etc. Each individual can log into the app on their existing device and help carry the load.

How does a shared number work with Reach?

To give a team member access to a number, all they need to do is login to the business account. Once they are logged in, they will be able to:

  • Answer incoming calls
  • Make outgoing calls from your business number
  • Receive incoming texts
  • Send messages from the business number
  • Share business contacts to the account

While it seems easy to just use your personal number as your business number when you are first getting started, this will only add problems later, as you grow. There are better, affordable options on the market as opposed to giving out your personal number or getting a landline installed.

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