2020 has looked different for all of us. Due to COVID, many of us have been and will continue to work from home. This change has altered many of our daily routines. Studies show that when we mix our home with tasks or environments, we are at least 1.5-2x less productive. To counteract this we need to set up a new structure to fit the changing environment. Here are 3 quick work from home tips to help set you up for success.

  1. Dedicated Space

    If you have an extra room in your house you can convert into an office, do this. Having a consistent space or chair where you ONLY work increases productivity. Laptops and tablets are the opposite of this. If you currently work from a laptop, consider getting a monitor and a desk. If that’s not an option, make it a goal to keep your laptop plugged into the wall at all times. This will help you from moving around and working from the sofa or worse your bed.
  2. Schedule Your Time

    Sometimes we take for granted simple things like having a building we can show up and only work. The home can be a lot of things. Interruptions are bound to happen. Schedule specific times to accomplish specific tasks. (10a-10:30 I’m going to answer emails). The more specific the better. Work in sprints & then take a break. One hour should be the longest you sit still.

    **Running the gym, we always advised most not to waste money on home gym equipment. It’s not that their intentions weren’t good. It’s just when you have the luxury to do something anytime, it makes it easier to blow off until later. & later soon becomes never.
  3. Notecard System

    Before bed, think of the 3 most important tasks you can accomplish the following day. Write those down in order from most to least important. If scheduling allows, schedule these tasks for first thing in the morning. If that is all you accomplish, you will have at least gotten your most important things done.

    Wait But Why has a great article on Procrastination (it’s long but Tim Urban makes it easy).

If you’re still struggling with productivity after you’ve tried implementing these work from home tips you can always text us at 903.781.1437 ☎️. Sometimes it’s as simple as just having a third party to hold you accountable.

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