What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Let’s start off with what a virtual phone number is not. Most traditional phone lines are tied to the existing landline or device. A virtual phone number is the opposite. You can access virtual numbers on multiple devices. Virtual phone numbers use the internet to transfer information vs your traditional phone lines. In this post, we will show you how to get a virtual phone number and why you should skip the traditional route.

How do I get a Virtual Number?

Most virtual numbers are purchased on the internet. In Reach’s case, you can buy a virtual number via the smartphone app or the web. Simply go to reachphone.co (or download the reach app), create an account, and choose your new number by area code. Once your account is active, you can begin using your virtual phone number just like a regular number.

How much do virtual number’s cost?

Most traditional phones and lines are going to me more expensive than virtual numbers. I paid $49.99 month for my first business landline & continue to pay $50-$60 month for my mobile number. With Reach, virtual numbers start at $9.99 per month.

Why use a virtual phone number? (why not just my personal number?)

With a virtual number, you can:

  • Keep your personal number private when conducting business
  • Avoid spam calls
  • Set do not disturb hours w/ auto replies
  • Have multiple voicemails
  • Share your number with an assistant
  • Connect your conversations to your workflow

Traditional phone lines are very limited in what they can do. Having a virtual phone number gives you the tools to make sure you succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

In conclusion, when you are starting a business or entering the workforce, it might be easy to just use your personal number. Don’t make the same mistake myself and many others have made. Get a professional number that will scale with your business or that can stay with you your entire career.

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